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1000dumplings1000dumplings Hi, I'm 1000dumplings! Site Admin
12_doggggoo0012_doggggoo00 Shiba's creations. Wanderer


Abe VenrickAbe Venrick The Cesspools Site Helper
Aether48Aether48 yes Wanderer
avertexpert does not match any existing user name What's Up? Wanderer



captaiincaptaiin captaiin's swag author page! Junior Staff
Captain LiuCaptain Liu File: Feng, Liu Wanderer
Communism ChickenCommunism Chicken Communismchickens writer page Wanderer
CutTheBirchCutTheBirch CutTheBirch's Author Page Site Helper


DemonPrism does not match any existing user name Best Writer Here! Wanderer
Dr BierreDr Bierre Dr. Bierre's bad page Wanderer
DrBobtailDrBobtail Oh Deer Wanderer


etoisleetoisle etoisland Site Admin



Greggita MahayfaioGreggita Mahayfaio Greggita Mahayfio Site Helper
gasterBlaster1gasterBlaster1 box full of random crap Wanderer


had86had86 had86's trash collection Wanderer


i like computeri like computer hellhole Inc. Wanderer



Kosef SturreKosef Sturre List of stuff (of debatable quality) that I wrote Site Helper


Lawer12346Lawer12346 Lawers personal hell Wanderer


makaraigmakaraig markaraig's circle of hell Moderator




Paint PalettePaint Palette The Paint Pad Wanderer
PandaShark71004PandaShark71004 Home Base Site Moderator



ratscrapzratscrapz Rat's Scraps Site Admin


ShroomDispencerShroomDispencer The Shroom Dispensary Wanderer
StretchsterzStretchsterz Stretch's Infinite Space Of Whatever it is... Site Admin
ShadowOfTheProphetShadowOfTheProphet ShadowOfTheProphet's Art Page Wanderer
SnomWritingSnomWriting Snom's page (Featuring Blanche) Wanderer(s?)


TheBoxOfFunTheBoxOfFun TheBoxofFun Author's Page (Aka: A Weird Italian Box) Wanderer
TrailmixNCocoTrailmixNCoco Trailmix's Mix of Chaos (With Chocolate!) Wanderer



VivamusLudioVivamusLudio PROJECT V.I.V.A.M.U.S Staff


Will AnomalerWill Anomaler Will's Page Wanderer



YellowISlolYellowISlol Yellow's pool of writing Site Admin


zakkun_zakkun_ A Servant of Chaos Wanderer


If you've created at least three successful1 pages (including Entity, Tale, Canon, and Artwork pages), please take the time to create an author page and take credit for your work. Create and tweak as you desire, and add yourself to the list above alphabetically by your wikidot username.

The format for your slot is:

||[[*user YOURUSERNAME]]||[[[AUTHOR-PAGE-LINK |NAME-OF-LINK]]]||Wanderer||

See additional entries for more information.

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