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Aether48Aether48 yes Author
AmberlonAmberlon welcome Author


BoifromnowhereBoifromnowhere Boi's Wholesome Zone Author


captaiincaptaiin CAPTAIIN'S SWAG AUTHOR PAGE Author / Admin / Greenlighter
CementSandwichCementSandwich gay gay homosexual gay Author / Admin
CutTheBirchCutTheBirch CutTheBirch's Author Page Author / Admin / Greenlighter


Dr AvenleeDr Avenlee THE VOID Artist
Dr BierreDr Bierre Dr. Bierre's bad page Author / Moderator
DrBobtailDrBobtail Oh Deer Author / Junior Staff
DrChandraDrChandra DrChandra's Author Page Author


Entro_PEntro_P The only person who can believe it's not butter Author
EpicNecromancer1EpicNecromancer1 Necro's Tower Author
etoisleetoisle etoisland Author


FerraruFerraru Ferra's Safe Place! Author / Admin


ghostchibighostchibi ghostchibi's author page Author / Moderator
GhostlyGlyphsGhostlyGlyphs 🔮 The Seance 🔮 Author
Greggita MahayfaioGreggita Mahayfaio Greggita Mahayfio Author


had86had86 had86's trash collection Author
HikarinuHikarinu Hickory's Author Page Author


IamalemonIamalemon The Lemonade Stand Author / Junior Staff
iccaarusiccaarus Fakeypedia, the fake encyclopedia Translator
i like computeri like computer w Author



Kitty RikaKitty Rika Rika's Flower Garden <3 Author
kvn7kvn7 *insert funny joke here* Author


LcY712LcY712 Best Writer Here! Author


makaraigmakaraig markaraig's circle of hell Author / Moderator
MctoranMctoran Mctoran's Prison Author
MyrandFoxMyrandFox Land Of The Foxes Author / Greenlighter


Natedagreat563Natedagreat563 MY SUPERIOR AUTHOR PAGE Author / Admin / Greenlighter
NavyEOD_24NavyEOD_24 The Database Author
noah rabenoah rabe Hello there Author
NukboiNukboi nuk dating simulator (why) Author



PandaShark71004PandaShark71004 Home Base Author
PrinceBunPrinceBun PrinceBun's Author Page Author / Admin
PythoPytho Pytho's Mind Author



RatifTheRatGod!RatifTheRatGod! Some Stupid Fucking Rat Got Into Our Database, The Fuck? Author
ratscrapzratscrapz Rat's Scraps Author
RiemannHypothesisRiemannHypothesis Riemann Hypothesis Author / Greenlighter
Robert GoermanRobert Goerman Welcome To My Realm Author
RoseMonsignorRoseMonsignor Rose's Author Page Author


SariastuffSariastuff ahcooo ighewifwej wjeg wjjf wef oops i sneezed Author
SchulzenreichSchulzenreich Schulze's Author Page Author
Sky3Sky3 The Skyrooms Author / Greenlighter
Smith MachineSmith Machine Smith's page Author
SnomWritingSnomWriting Snom's page (Featuring Blanche) Author
s n o w ys n o w y PapaSnowy's Void Author
SoyShamoySoyShamoy Soy’s Author Page Author
SpoofyboofySpoofyboofy Spoofyboofy's Loft Author
stellatestellate stellate's void Author
StretchsterzStretchsterz Stretch's Infinite Space Of Whatever it is... Author


TheBoxOfFunTheBoxOfFun TheBoxofFun Author's Page (Aka: A Weird Italian Box) Author
TrailmixNCocoaTrailmixNCocoa Trailmix's Mix of Chaos (With Chocolate!) Author / Moderator / Greenlighter


UnforseenDropUnforseenDrop The Maintenance Shaft Author
UserUnhackedUserUnhacked help my procrastinating has reached horrible new heights sdopashuigberojfoerpghnr Author


Vecter SpecterVecter Specter Vecter Specter's Trash Zone Author
VivamusLudioVivamusLudio PROJECT V.I.V.A.M.U.S Author / Admin


Will AnomalerWill Anomaler Will's Page Author
WhoYouCallinAPinHeadWhoYouCallinAPinHead Pin's Asylum Author



YellowISlolYellowISlol Yellow's pool of writing Author / Junior Staff / Greenlighter


zaskouzaskou the 69th author Author


If you've created at least three or translated at least five successful1 pages (including Entity, Tale, Canon, and Artwork pages), please take the time to create an author page and take credit for your work. Create and tweak as you desire, and add yourself to the list above alphabetically by your Wikidot username.

The format for your slot is:

||[[*user YOURUSERNAME]]||[[[AUTHOR-PAGE-LINK |NAME-OF-LINK]]]||Wanderer||

See additional entries for more information.

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