Atlas And Praen
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NAME(s): Atlas and Praen

Last Known Location(s): Level 1


Atlas is a youngish guy, probably around 20. He's charismatic enough that he was able to get into our camp without us suspecting something was off. I think he was wearing a black tank top and some cargo pants? He's got dark hair, can't remember if it was brown or black. He was pale, and his hair was short. The lengths were uneven. Looked like he cut it himself.

Did he use his knife for that too?

Praen looked like he was around the same age as Atlas. He wasn't as charismatic and welcoming, but instead presented himself as shy and nonthreatening. He's tall— they both were, but he had lighter brown hair. I don't remember the exact hair cut, but he had bangs. The bangs weren't cut messily like Atlas's, though. Praen was very… clean? He seemed well put-together for someone in the Backrooms.

Additional Info:

Atlas approached us, asking for a place for him and his friend to stay. We let them in, and everything was fine for a while. We figured since there were five of us and we were all armed we'd be fine if they were Skinstealers or something. Instead, I woke up to my girlfriend's blood on my face. Atlas was standing over her body, grinning.

He was fucking smiling.

Praen had already murdered the other three. He was standing in a corner, wiping himself and his weapon clean. I looked at him, hoping he might feel bad and stop Atlas.

He didn't.

I managed to get up and grab my bat. I knew I wouldn't be able to fend them both off, so I took my bat and ran. I'm hoping to find my way to a big base, like a M.E.G base or something 'cause otherwise I'll starve out here. I didn't have time to grab any of my supplies, just the bat and the phone I'm writing this on. Some help would be really fucking nice.

Maybe therapy, too, if anyone here is a psychiatrist.

I don't know where they're going, location-wise. I guess I'd just be careful not to accept random wanderers into your camps, especially if you're in or around Level 1. My phone's about to die and I can't think of anything else, so wish me luck.

Heya! This is Atlas. We noticed that the original author of this page may have brushed over some stuff that we think you should know!!!

  • We both use he/him pronouns!
  • I'm actually 19! Praen is 20 :D
  • We're sorry about your girlfriend, good luck finding that base though!!!

Also, for where we are, we're actually on Level 5 right now; you might want to change that "Last Known Location" part! It's really cool that you would write something about us, so thank you so much for that! I've had people write about me before I got here, but I think this is Praen's first time, so he definitely appreciates it!

— With love, Atlas and Praen <3

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