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Cottage keys, flannel sleeves.
World for two, false beliefs.
Like a tool, they need you for but a moment.
Answer keys, forest trees.
Everything means nothing
Like a tool, they need you for but a moment.

I thought I knew everything,
But my vision was blurred,
By the ideals of those taller than me,
Telling me what to think.
But I knew you,
I liked to believe,
But you were a liar,
Simply not directly to me.

Now I walk to the dairy, my phone ringing bright,
Only to see your name, to then throw it out.

Sometimes, you need to take a step away.
Sometimes, your life needs command.
But I knew me, even if I wasn’t free,
I had the keys to becoming your everything.

Such little white lies, I’d tell myself,
So harmful and hoarse in the name of keeping you clean.
But I was there, I knew you well,
You pushed me away, left me to wield my daggers alone.

And this ain’t an Arena, but I know you hear me,
Dragging my keys to the populated cobblestone streets.
I know you see me fighting to be free,
But I come back to you, like a bee to honey.

I’m sorry, but not for you, for me.
I’m sorry I lied to me, it cost me everything.
You were nothing to me, made me fight for my life,
Just to leave the moment you could get out.

And this ain’t an arena, but I know you won’t fight for anything.

This ain’t an arena, but without you it’s just not the same for me.


Meghan Remis
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