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The border of a forest and plain biome. Note the Firelights.

Level 466 is the 467th level of the Backrooms as well as one of the levels claimed by the Unbound Explorers Coalition. Level 466 is one of our oldest claims, and many of its resources have been used to help create further settlements.


Level 466 consists of the countryside at dusk. The weather is constantly overcast, with no changes ever being documented since human habitation for over 20 years. Level 466 has a variety of biomes; including grassy plains, small forests of trees, and lakes. These biomes all come with their own, unique risks.


Plains are the most common biome in Level 466. They consist of flat terrain with overgrown wild grass of an unknown species and the level’s one unique entity, the Firelights. This biome also contains spider-like dirt path formations, although how these paths are sustained without frequent use is unknown. This biome tends to be larger than lakes, but smaller than forests.


Level 466’s unique entity, Firelights appear to be Frontroom fireflies, however, closer inspection reveals that they are nothing but points of physical light. Firelights claim plains as their territory and will attempt to consume any person or entity crossing the plains. This consumption process is currently poorly understood, however, basic details are listed here:

  • Entities will swarm and attempt to blind target via rapid movement around eyes.
  • once target is blinded/distracted, more entities will begin to swarm target, covering the entire body.
  • The rest of the consumption process will last around 2 minutes.
  • Only the bones remain after consumption.


Forests are much smaller than any other biome, however, they are easily the most dangerous. They consist of large, deciduous trees that have no tree rings once cut down. The timber collected from these trees is non-flammable, despite all other elements of the wood remaining the same as other lumber of its kind. Forests tend to be densely infested with packs of Hounds. Notably, though, these hounds refuse to leave the boundaries of the Forests. These biomes tend to be the smallest of all biomes, with one notable exception. This large, approximately 100 meter squared forest lies right next to our settlement, Lantern Town. Rest assured, the Homeland Defense Force is sure to keep you safe from any and all stray Hounds.


Surprisingly, the Level’s lake biomes are easily the safest biome of Level 466. These shallow, small lakes have no entitles, with only benign green algae growing on its surface. It is theorized that due to the algae using much of the lake's oxygen, entities cannot survive. However, this theory has not been confirmed. One more notable element about lakes is their unique hallucinatory effects. When a person looks at the horizon across the lake, they will perceive some kind of skyline of a town, along with bright lights indicating life within this hypothetical town. Many people upon viewing these hallucinations claim that these towns contain loved ones and many attempts to swim across to reach these 'loved ones'. We are to remind you that the hallucinatory towns are not real, and it is not advised to attempt to swim across Lakes in order to reach them. Lakes tend to be cold, and the shock can be fatal.

Bases, Outposts and Communities:

Lantern Town

Lantern Town is a mid-sized settlement, nestled between a Forest and Lake biome. Half of the settlements are built upon the sandy beaches of the Lakes coast, and the other lives above the lake, on floating wooden structures. The town’s residents spend their time cutting down and processing lumber, harvesting molds and previously mentioned algae that grow upon their settlements, and traveling and documenting the areas around them.

It is also notable that the civilians use the entities around them as food or utility, as the meat from Hounds is dried into jerky, and Firelights are used as light sources, fed with the mentioned hound meat.

Despite their use of entities, Lantern Town has been welcomed into our ranks as a colony, and we have begun the phasing out of hounds as a food source. The residents are happy for this change; it required a heavy mind to eat something so similar to humans for many.

The two entrances are either a ferry across the lake, and the aforementioned path through the forest. You’ll need proper identification of course, however any unauthorized people are allowed to attempt to take the forest path. Of course, they’ll be stripped of all weapons so as not to risk our civilians.

Entrances And Exits:


  • Following a stray Firelight in Level 10 leads into a Plains biome of this level.
  • Falling into a puddle in Level 39 will cause one to wake up on the coast of a Lake.


  • A stray, dilapidated shack on the coast of some lakes will lead to Level 132. This exit is one way.
  • Certain lakes within the level may lead to Level 76.

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