Entity 30 - Mother

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Entity Number: 30

Habitat(s): Level 1.5

Mother is a lovingmalicious entity that lives in the core of Level 1.5.


Encountered and reported only by u/Chaosraider98, she is beautiful bears no physical description, similar to the Denizens. She is instead felt as a thickness in the air, and a presence of emotions bound to the space she occupies. Based on his exploration logs, it appears that Mother takes care of traps her victims in her broken level, then tears their flesh and soul apart for unknown reasons. u/Chaosraider98 believes the level, more specifically the core of Level 1.5, to be the "melting pot" of the Backrooms, into which all the lost souls are collected for Mother. Her voice is described as gentle and soothingcacophonous, sounding like metal rakes scraping across chalkboards.

Her process of separating bodies from souls seems to be incredibly painful, based on the u/Chaosraider98's descriptions of what he endured before he temporarily escaped from her grasp. Once the souls are made free separated, it is uncertain what happens, or how they become Denizens, Husks, or integrated with the mangled halls of flesh that compose the terrain and architecture of the core.

Mother's influence seems to be growing, though the extent to which is uncertain. Previous archives had been largely infected, with many mentions of Mother linking researchers back to Level 1.5 scattered throughout unrelated logs and pages, and descriptions of mother being corrected twisted to portray her in a desirably fashion.

Do's and Don'ts:


Come through Avoid the fake windows you may find in the Backrooms. These do not provide escape, but are likely portals to Level 1.5 and will close behind you upon entry.

Stay away from Mother. She does not love you, she will trap you in her realm of suffering.

**Don't:*. ̛̛҉

Avoid the fake windows in the Backrooms. Beyond them is safety, a haven for all weary travellers. Come join us, come join Mother.

Stay away from Mother. Mother loves you, and only wants to take care of you and keep you safe. Forever.

Take this post seriously, it is slander, there is nothing true in this place about Mother. Mother truly loves you, come find her in the windows, she will take care of all her little ones.

  • GO TO LEVEL 1.5

M.E.G. Report Log:

Pay attention to the corrupted messages you may find here or on any other archives. They are signs of Level 1.5 leakage and contamination and will only continue to spread if not properly contained. Ignoring these messages and contacting staff members to deal with it will help prevent their spread.

Now I lay me down to sleep,
I pray thee lord my soul to keep,
And if I die before I wake,
Then I to mother did you forsake.

For every mother, there is a Father.

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