Anti Reality Bowling Alley
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Somewhere within Level 178, or "Kyoto Dreams" lies a rather odd bowling alley…


The Anti Reality Bowling Alley is an interesting place where time and space do not move in a "typical" fashion. The room itself frequently changes its temperature, coloring, and even shape. However- its default appearance very clearly fits the cliché American, 1980s bowling alley apperance. Featuring, black carpet with brightly colored shapes, fake palm trees, and fluorescent lights lining the ceilings and walls of the room. the air often smells of dust or faintly of artificial cherry.

The Alley has also has a small fully working arcade and snack bar. The snack bar contains various (completely safe) foods such as popcorn, many types of candies, hotdogs, various types of drinks, and for those wondering, Yes. There is Almond Water in the snack bar.

The Anti-Reality aspect of the Alley, Is very easy to notice, due to the fact that it is constantly changing. Often the colors, construction, and other aspects shift at any given moment. Not a whole lot of information is known about this room due to the non-consistant state of it. However, most "shifts" happen about every 10 minutes for about 3-4 minutes at a time.


The room itself is devoid of hostile entities however it does have entities specific to the alley. These are called "The Alley Staff" they are humanoid entities with the appearance of relatively normal-looking adult humans. however, with bowling balls as heads. "The Alley Staff" are there to maintain the alley and to help any traveler who may need assistance by giving them food, medical attention, or directions. They seem to have a pretty good understanding of navigating the backrooms so they should be able to help you get where you need to go. Although they are not hostile in nature, they have been known to attack if physically provoked.

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