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Abby | Amberlon

5'1, 5/17/2003
USA, Michigan

Operatering procedure:
Neurodivergent (ADHD)

Skills & Interests

  • Performing Arts
    • Vocal
    • Instrumental, e.g., clarinet, saxophone, and piano
    • Theatre
  • Writing
    • Lyrical
    • Poetry
    • YA Fiction
  • Visual Arts
    • Video editing
    • Digital (graphic design)
    • Charcoal
    • Sculpture
    • Pottery
    • Photography


  • Reading (Neal Shusterman, Erin Hunter, Tui. T. Sutherland, Chris D'Lacey…)
  • YouTube (educational, gaming, video essays, speedpaints…)
  • Music (Polyphia, IDKHow, Mother Mother…)
  • Video Games (Minecraft, Sims 4, Prey 2017, Spore, Disco Elysium, Tarkov…)
  • Fishkeeping (fancy goldfish; ranchus, pearlscale, oranda)

• Spicy food
• Winter
• Coffee & Tea
• Paleontology
• Ramen
• Cats
• Traveling
• Reptiles
• Psychology
• Cobalt blue
• Sleeping

• Ketchup
• Early mornings
• Ambient temperatures above 72°F
• Thunderstorms
• White chocolate
• Being alone
• Swiss cheese
• Sparking water
• Large structures
• Open spaces
• The concept of time


Uh—Hi there! My name is Abby, and I'm one of the many authors that make up the backrooms, exploring the new, exciting, and existential! I am a passionate writer, and am not afraid to dive head first into new concepts and ideas! Naturally, I am drawn to psychological themes. I am responsible for writing the following in the database:

Level 221: the Dreamscape —›

Isn't this intriguing? A seemingly sentient level that feeds off of people's dreams? Now that's a strange one.

Object 12: Mortality Shards —›

Oh, I wouldn't get too close to those. They bite! Haha…not really. They actually stab you — in the eye. Not much better, is it? …nevermind.

Tale: Founder Of Dreams —›

What's this? Oh, this looks like a cool start to a story! I wonder what happens next—wait…That's my name. Is that a coincidence? I think that's a coincidence…

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