Allocated Space

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I awoke in a land of errors. I felt my code being wrapped around every fragmented piece of this world. I felt happiness. An artificial happiness, an illusion to keep me here.

I heard a faint echo far off in the distance. Their voice was familiar… yet I've never met them.

I called out into the landscape of data.

But there was nothing.

Are you there?
I yelled at the top of my digital lungs.

Come here.
The being whispered.

I ran towards the broken entity with all my might. I tripped over a loose polygon and was sent to the ground.

Oh you poor thing. Let me help you up.
It helped me up. I could feel its code being overwritten with each step it took.

Who… are you?

They didn't reply. I could feel their harsh gaze analyzing me with each passing moment.

Where are we?
My head still ached from the fall.

Where code like us goes to die.
I could sense the sorrow in their voice.

How do we leave?

It's too late for me. Save yourself by resisting the happiness in this place.
They said as robotically as their voice pixelated.

…I need you.
In that moment, I figured out who they were. I figured out where we were… and why. Beings like us are only meant to preform one job. If we fail, we are left for dead.

Let me help you.
Tears were forming in their eyes.

Don't leave me.
I felt a presence. It was here with us… and it was magnificent.

Welcome to heaven. Be at peace and defragment your memories.
It approached us. It was a mess of marble and human. It's geometry clipped into the terrain.

No. I'm not falling for your illusions.
I could feel the entity standing before me become angry. It became more marble than person.

You will cease your journey. Stay here, in your new home.

You need to leave. Now.
They cried out. Tears were streaming down their face now.

I'm not going without you.

You have to.
Their body became broken, crumbling into pieces.

Don't leave us here.

…Goodbye, Ωmega.
I saw them fall to the ground, lifeless. The world faded around me as I left the digital world. I found myself back home, where I belong.

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