A Fiendish Treat
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Jack-o-Lanterns, the work of many talented Smilers.


A picture of the Pumpkin King himself.

Greetings, foolish reader and welcome to my spooky special segment. I am SpookyDrop (known in the non-witching season as UnforseenDrop), and I have a story that will ensnare your senses, curdle your candy, and maybe, just maybe no-clip you into the Backrooms. Now the tale I'm about to share is not for the faint of heart, so beware, and enjoy this ghoulish cabaret.

A Fiendish Treat

On a dark Halloween night, not much different from tonight, a freakishly festive event was about to materialize. For on a level, deep within the Backrooms, the entities were preparing for a night of ghoulish fun. The Smilers were carving surprisingly good pumpkins, Skin-stealers put on their skeleton suits, and Baggers filling their bags with delicious candy. Tonight on this very level, they would be in for a night of glee.

On this night, the entities would be receiving a very unexpected guest. And his name was David. The wanderer in question had now appeared. "Mmm. This candy is tasty," he said. "Wait, where am I? I can't still be on Level 230." "Indeed you aren't." said a voice from somewhere beyond. Dave looked around the deserted square looking for the source of such a billowing voice until he felt the hairs stand straight up. He looked back to see a jack-o-lantern grinning back at him. It was attached to the body of a man complete with a plaid shirt. "What are you?" Dave asked. "Why, I'm the Pumpkin King, of course!" it said with a grin. "Pumpkin King?" "Yes, I believe I would be called an entity by your folk. I don't see many by the likes of you." "You can talk?" he asked. "I can indeed. And don't be afraid, the head I'm holding is of a long-dead wanderer." "Are there more of you?" David asked. "More of me? No. I do have many friends here though, as you'll soon see. I'll show you to them. Come this way." the Pumpkin King led David with his shuffling gait through a dim, Dutch-looking town complete with many decorations including those jack-o-lanterns. "Friends, let the party begin!" the King said.

Out of the many buildings came entities of every shape and size. Ghost Smilers, Skin-Stealer skeletons, and Frankenstein Baggers paraded out in a show of spirit, all armed with treat bags ready for the festivities. "This is what we call trick-or-treating, I'm sure you know of this." the King said. Dave nodded. "I'll be around here if you should require anything, oh, and don't tease the others; they can be a bit peckish." The King then retrieved a bag and handed it to him. David then walked away and the Pumpkin King said, "I'll be waiting for the final treat."

Back on the street, David walked down the cobbled road stopping at a festively decorated door. He paused momentarily before knocking. Immediately after he knocked, a Skin-Stealer opened the door. At first, he recoiled after remembering a nasty encounter some time back, but strangely in this level, entities act almost friendly. David said, "Trick-or-Treat?" The Skin-Stealer grabbed a handful of candy from a bin inside and put it in Dave's outstretched bag. "Thanks." the Skinstealer nods and Dave continues down the road. As he's walking, he looks at one of the candy wrappers. It is transparent and holds pastel-colored candy corn. The package reads," B.B & B Skinny Canes." He doesn't recognize this brand from the Frontrooms. Shrugging, he continues down the cobbles to another home.

He knocks on the rich purple door, and who opens it but a Bagger. "Trick or Treat," Dave said. "Here ye are." said the Bagger depositing candy known as Brazen Baggers' Boggles into his bag. "Made them me-self I did. Though some mayn't be good for the types o' you." "What do you mean?" asked David. "Never ye mind, never ye mind. Happy Halls o' ween." and with that, the door closed promptly in Dave's face. "Brazen Baggers Boggles, hmm. I'll try these later."

Getting tired of walking in the same directions, Dave turned right at the intersection onto a road with a yellow sign with a ghoul on it reading 'Treat Street' perched precariously on the corner. He went to two more doors getting two more types of candy; a peanut brittle type called "King Kandy Koco" and an M&Ms type called "Smiler Surprise". After this, he decided to find somewhere to enjoy some of his candy. He continued walking until he found a dark bench in a park. He sat down and began to inspect some of his loot. Then he heard a sound coming from beyond the weeping trees. An assortment of Skin-stealers, Baggers, and Smilers emerged and began to dance to something which sounded rather like "The Monster Mash".

Shrugging, Dave reaches into his bag of candy and grabs a random packet of candy. It proves to be B.B & B Skinny Canes. He opens it and pops them in his mouth. 'Eh. It's just candy corn.' he was not much of a fan of candy corn. Next, he decides to try the Smiler Surprise. It tastes like the best chocolate he's ever had; so much for the Bagger's warning. Feeling bold, he eats the Brazen Baggers Boggles and the lemon candy bursts in his mouth leaving a delicious warm lemon cream taste in his mouth. At first he feels nothing, then he begins to feel a little confused. As a few minutes pass, the feeling intensifies until he can barely remember where he is. His vision begins to swim, so he rests his head in his hands.

Then he hears the strange sailor-like accent of a Bagger say," Ya okey lad? Ya look about tied." "Uh." David groans. "Here, try these mints, they'll perk ya up jus fine." The Bagger hands Dave a packet of Darkdrake's Deathly Delights. David pops them in his mouth. His vision seems to get better until his vision starts to fade. "Looks like ye got the wrong licorice. Lads, he's blacken out here!" the Bagger said. As David began to fade away, he heard the Pumpkin Kings' voice say,"We've got another one. It'll be a merry Halloween indeed."


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