a warning
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im writing this on a computer i found in The End's library

i dont know what the hell the meg is or how this database works, but if anyone else can read this, i have a warning that could save your ass

i just spend the last hour and a half running away from some god forsaken monster, it was bright yellow and was holding a balloon

it had this fucking haunting smile, like it was carved into its flesh

i saw the damn thing snatch up my partner and noclip into the wall. my partner was someone from this "meg" organization, they had a job updating their database and rescuing newcomers to the backrooms

i tried to follow it and i ended up in the fun room

i didnt have the guts to watch as they transformed him, he slowly turned taller and more yellow

as he was transforming he started laughing like a fucking maniac, he was typing on some kind of tablet
at least until his fingers fell off and became just nubs

the fun room had that same repulsive mono yellow wallpaper, with horrible paintings of cartoon characters drawn on them. other than some tables and a couple balloons, it was just as empty as any other room here

eventually they spotted me and i had to book it, making my way to The End. though i can assume this place isn't the end of this nightmare

i managed to find out that this "fun room" had its own entry in the database, i hope to god they remove it soon, in case it tricks any one. but if not, then this is the link to it. do NOT try to find them.


the partygoers are tall yellow monsters with a carved in smile. they hold balloons, at least the one that tried to get me has a balloon.

stay safe

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