A Letter Of Reverence
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The following letter was found in affiliation with a bombing that occurred at a Malt Mart location in Level 11, where 8 people were killed including the perpetrator.

Hello Brother, I hope this letter finds you well.

Do you ever get the feeling that those around you don’t belong? The feeling that humans calling this place home is unnatural? The feeling that the natural state of entity and human is being upset? You can feel it in your heart. This is the Reverence for a time past. A time when humans and entities lived in harmonious order. A time when the once untamed paradises had not been sullied by human habitation. A time when groups didn’t fight each other in a desperate bid for power. And a time when all a man had to worry about was his own survival. We both want to return to this past, I can see it in you.

But at present this past is behind us, and we must do all that we can to herald its return. You live in Level 11, a shining symbol of the detestable present. Around you at every moment is a person who should be fighting for their life, not thriving in comfort. Your neighbors having a party, kids playing outside, a loving couple walking down the street, all monuments of contempt. One such monument is seen throughout Level 11, establishments by the name of Malt Mart. These craven stores provide food to those in the level, providing a facsimile of normalcy. In fact, you live near one of these stores, do you not? Day in, day out, you no doubt see happy people receiving food, going home to gorge themselves on ill-gotten goods. Would it not be blissful to see their smiling faces wiped away? To see the look of joy turn into disgust, rage, or anguish? To see them brought back to the past that we both hold dear?

Know this, if you report this letter to any other group, such as the M.E.G. or Eyes of Argos, the consequences will be dire. But I trust you won’t, your countenance says otherwise.

The perpetrator’s name will remain undisclosed at this time, but the M.E.G. and Eyes of Argos are working in concert to track down the individual(s) that spurred this wanton act of violence.

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