A Late Night
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This is a children's myth, spread through many parts of The Backrooms, but its origin is unknown.

Wilting flowers will guide your path, sparking pumpkins lighting your trail. So long as you follow me, you will be safe. My blessing to this blackened hell. A path of safety, infinite in length and guide for you. Life shall wilt, but my pathway is a blessing from yellow tombs to abandoned roads, pumpkins glistening and bones marking the broken pathway. Papers guiding you to the end, for the chaos shall end here. This hell will burn through the trail! I may be damned, but do not fall into the hands of sorrow. I shall call your name. In the name of hope, a role I guide. Leave this trail at any time, but this gift of pathway through the darkness will guide you away from death's hands. Blessed with the marking of Halloween. For I am Percy and shall guide your way.

The blue flowers guide you, flickering light from the pumpkin shall steal your fear. Skeletons of plastic lying at your knees, a guide, pointing forward. The flowers, regrowing for the day. Samhain, a day to connect with the dead unifies us. Death cannot enter this long lost trail. I speak in the name of silence, speak a song across the trail, use my voice to guide the lost to light. Pumpkins flicker, with an open vengence. For death is coming close. Smiles approach the light, growling. Hatred crawls, but the trail blocks them as it always did. My control is hopeful to guide you well. I am Steven, but my name does not matter.

Fall into my hands, lead death away, dear. These lines are different. So much knowledge lays of this trail, decorated with pumpkins and the few tricks and many treats. Boxes remain, hopeful to give you something good. Hear that, dear, run from the wolves which scream your name. Fear, not thou, this path evokes knowledge to guide you through flowers and books of horrors. Lovecraftian in nature, invisible, visible and between. Do not give up now child. For my name is -

A mirror of my soul. Pumpkins, how dastardly. My mission, our mission, is to ward off death. It has stolen from us, so it shall fade from time. Erased from my mind. My goal is to give you a guide. Rain sails overhead, the path continuing with the glowing of destruction. It feels close, and the idea of how this came to be. Though not smart nor strong, my magery shall continue, hopelessness will be repelled, nothing other than machine continues after me. Ghosts fly through the sky on the cracking of night. For I am the introspective Andrew, who shall guide you through the night.

Jack-O-Laterns, look how they glow, glimmering all the same. The chaotic fires, quelched by the passing breeze. Coldness sents around, the path ahead forged by us. As plants wither, the chaos of structure, the order of nature remains still. Existing in unity. Unbroken and unchosen. Light may fade, but the path is your choice, we forged it, decaying the hate which left you alone. Now the flames flicker away from the hands of sorrow. Death falls in its hands, this Halloween is your choice, so to die in these levels or to live in pride is your choice. Tonight, hope must remain, chaos must follow. Remember the past, its ominous trail cracking beneath us. My name is Chaos, a being of chaos and illusion.

The bolts of burning death may follow but live or die, I shall guard you. I burn with the passion of the past, an omen of truth. Hellfire flickers, the pumpkins remaining near. The desire to burn on keeps my following. Your soul is unique, reigniting the past and creating truth. Unapatheic in approach. Aware that death is coming, but still the fires burn. The walls of silence lead to pillars of vines. From this point, the path divides, to the field of pumpkins. Pillars of flames burn, warding away fear. But for long? Our choices will save you! For my name is Elizabeth, and I shall forge your pathway.

Lightning strikes the pillars, a bonfire igniting. Offerings of omens, pillars of the past falling. Evoke my power. For none can beat me. I am the guardian of this world. Now! Do not throw anything into the flames. Bow beneath, watch the smoke gasp for life. The fire burns out, and fear draws in. Shocks foretelling change. Yet still different and powerful. You must best them. The devil itself waiting ahead, through the burning and flickering flames. Hellfire will burn out, for all going, hope must never die. Do not fall for the hands of sorrow. It appears like you need to override their power. Fine then, cast energy into the flames. Shocking ideas flow. Take the coin and watch it fall into the fire and reforge. Just be careful, for the next one shall not promise health but injury. Goodbye, for now! For my name is Ohm, and I shall build your way.

So you call against me? Your soul is the last to see, my body forged from flesh and the twisting pumpkin vines. This day is unfamiliar to most. My cloak may be dreamish, but I assure you I am a nightmare. There go the flickering pumpkins, they shall come closer. Death is in my eyes. Reflecting my omen, of impurity. Now I burn! Stronger than all before, Halloween cannot stop me. My soul is perfect! Set your blood here, watch your body drain of life. See, they were right. You cannot beat me, my wrath is infinite! Darkness crawls through the fire, darkness of the moon drips down. Death looms, waiting to swing. You cannot escape my wrath. My immense trail of blackness. The Island Over The Void was weaker than me! Hellfire shall reignite to consume all good, leaving evil behind. Your fear is perfect for me. My power beyond all… for my name is beyond all your understanding.

You cannot beat me.

But we can.

Hope, Control, Knowledge, Reflection, Chaos, Fire and Power. Each approach. Holding you to life. We came to give you love, a form of a shell. You have awoken us to fight, though not complete. For you are the 8th of us. You are Change, a difference in this world! Now evoke your power against them, for they are not truly the devil.

No! Lose your hope! Fire will extinguish, Knowledge shall fade, Reflection shall have no meaning, Chaos will cause harm, Power will spark wars, Control shall manipulate the last, hope will fade with a flicker of despair and Change will never come. You cannot beat me.

Not alone, alone we are weak. But together, we symbolize The Backrooms, flowing through. Alternating the outcome, with the help of change. Spread wisdom and strength. Guiding the lost through this maze. Controlling fear and reigniting what was lost. Alone we cannot reflect ourselves, our expressions firing betrayal, but with power, we oath trust. We create these lands! We must stand close. This Halloween, marked by change! So nights must be escaped. We have a vengence, you've betrayed us all… Breaking us to pieces, but now the pumpkins shall rot in your blood. Samhain's spirit festive giving hope to us all, once again! An offering we give, and it is your soul! Now you must stop this!

No! I shall not give up! My power outways you all.

It outways 7 of us, but with Change, we can finally beat you. These fields are not just filled with spirits, but hopes and dreams! You need to act Change, now aim your power. Focus on them, bind the change.

This is my time! I am supposed to win!

I know I am not perfect. By I, Change shall evoke difference, like humanity. We together shall guide our hands, I shall channel their souls. To finally vanquish you away from us! We must not give up yet! The battle coming is far beyond our reckoning, but I shall not die now! So look onwards, the void unconsuming power. Oaths must be completed, so must be gone. You broke their trust and mine. So watch the feeling of fear flicker! Now fear me, for change shall come and it is mine. I, paired with the others, shall finally destroy the night and give way to Halloween's end.

This is not how it should play out. I shall destroy you!

Lightning strikes, for I shall follow. Power moves up and down, and so shall I. Energy flies, conflicting the battle, jolting the sun into movement and giving way today. For while I am not perfect, I shall guide myself. Change has given way to my soul, so now I must free the rest. Gathering them to reverse the affliction. These streets are cold and my mind is colder than ever before. But, as a spirit, I must bring powerful omens to the rest. I am the symbol to guide the rest. So let it be. Bring me to my knees. But I shall return, my power undraining. You're a spectator of this world and that alone!

How! I absorbed the most powerful relic of all lands. How dare you struggle back!

Fire burns, your end is here. Do not flee, the walls of burning ember shall block you. Don't you try to hide? I shall burn down all that could protect you. Metal or not! My name is a trail, of damnation and burning flames. Watch the clocks ticking, they release bursts of heat which I shall bend, to end your crime. The crime is murder and betrayal. I must! The choir is singing, for firing to burn you. You will boil beneath my power. Your sins empower me to love and not hate. I shall burn you, to save them all!

Why! Unless… no! You are stronger than the heart!

Chaos awakens to end your murderous mood, the reality shall be stabilized. This trail I wander across is charged with imperfections. You may have predicted that chaos would end. But you failed to predict my awakening. Bedlam ripples through the air, karma is with us. I am here to evoke these nights, burning out. My power shall not be misunderstood. I am the binder, you dare to challenge me. You may have tricked us the first time, and that's the last time! You must die! Pumpkins shall be carved with your fate!

I cannot lose now! Let destruction reign supreme.

I am a mirror of a fracture of you. Formed for the light of pumpkins, my shell was consumed by reflection. Nights may act upon us. But so long as I reflect despair and absorb hope! Keep your soul moving up, to the sky and from destruction. Annihilation shall be deflected, your destruction ends here. I am here to end your violence. As such I have sentenced you to hell! I walk this pathway made by fake skeletons! Hopes and lights. So bow before Change, and perhaps mercy may come.

I must not give up now!

Mercy O' child! I beseech for you to not be harmed, but consciousness shall never fleet. The faulty heart within you cannot repair. Unless the hands of Knowledge reform you utterly. I am amicable, runic and complete. I query concerning knowledge along the path of candle fire, and the oldest of tradition. I empower the rest! During I shall never harm you. But they shall, for take a seat. A cup of tea may not rinse away the pain. But please just walk a new trail. You can eternally change.

Never! I shall bring forth the end of this game… Darkness must conquer on this new Halloween day…

For while I was originally evil, unity has brought me, love. I am the name of the control. Wishing to call forth love instead of hate. My empowerment flickers, but so long as my brother remains. I will stay hopeful! You can change, you can do good. Please, give mercy to us all. Relinquish its power, you've made this mistake, but I still care for you. Do not fall into death's hands. I've felt that pain. I do not want to lose another!

No! The darkness must wi-

Hopeful. I am upon this day. The darkness flickers, Halloween is already here. Children may not trick or treat. But still, we must hope. Fields rush with mercy. For I never knew you as good, everyone can change. Mercy can come, hate must not be forced to rush. Just pick mercy. So this day may have goodness. Spread love, not hatred. We are all different, and we all make mistakes. So please! Feel your soul, it is disconnected from you. You're grieving them. You lost them like us. To the hands of death! My mother was the same. She danced but was paralysed by disease and died. So please, give your soul mercy! The void is reversible. But this is your last chance!

I cannot give mercy, I must fight. I've lost them all. The past has repeated itself, so fear the darkness. Unless I could give mercy. No, I can't! Get that out of my mind. I must fight. But… they're my friends. My heart conflicts itself, pain ringing out. I can give mercy. Ascend with me. The relic must be destroyed. Break it now, and this Halloween shall be sinless. I am sorry for what I've done. The void is consuming this world, and for it to end. You must kill me.

Change! I shall change that. I shall make the relic debind. I must! My soul isn't conflicted, this magic is dark, thousands of years old. An error before my knees. I must correct it! No one must die! We need this solution! The air drifts, vines and pumpkins move along. So now I shall ascend to destroy the relic. Now! Love must come forth. No one must die. Oaths can be altered. Hope shall end this. Now Halloween shall drift pure as midnight. This is our tales end. The story shall end with my cast. Reality must remain hopeful! Keep going.

[With that, the void was gone, the stars shined, children played and few were trick or treated. Not realizing, the connections they had made. Even on the best days can come fear, this is normal, but do not push yourself to use an idea you do not have. Know that you've done enough, even if you've done little to change, so long as it is positive. You may hope to be better, fearing you are a failure, but your not. Have the power to understand who you are. Controlling your actions to force yourself to do something you can't doesn't help anyone. Inspiration may not burn but do not fall into a destructive habit of forcing writing. Writing comes with time and reflects who you are, not who you want to be. Therefore, don't push yourself into this chaotic cycle.]

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