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why won't you dance with me?

Get away.

I can't let go. Not here. Not now.

Here, I have the upper hand.

I can hold on to myself.

I am River.

i am river, too.

we are one and the same.

crushed bits of sorrow in hexadecimal

two clusters of data, forming a file named


Not yet.

I can't let you win. For everyone else.

you'll let go.

you can't hold on forever, my darling.

you're delaying the inevitable.

you'll fall back into my arms.




Not here.

Not now.

why continue to be fragmented?

we can be whole.

we can be one.

dance with me, we can be happy in our endless waltz.

don't you want that?

I do, take my hand an-

No. Snap out of it. Tear your brain apart.



Get yourself back together.

one day we'll dance for eternity.

just the two of us and the erroring landscape.

i'm waiting for a pair, my love.

i'm waiting for you

Not today. There's


There's somebody else here.

they're not welcome here.

our dance is meant for a pair.

There's… a lady in a white dress.

she is not welcome here.

she's an intruder

she's a traitor

get her out of my head


She's staring at me.

She's calling our my name

do not listen to her, my darling

she cannot dance with you

she cannot make you whole

accept my warm embrace, my beloved

only i can give your splintered soul peace.

She's closer



I can almost see her face.

Just a few more steps



stay with me, my beloved



she is insignificant

an error

she can't be trusted

I have the upper hand here.

I'm not listening to you.

One step closer.

Her eyes are blue, staring at me like clouds in the skybox of our my dreams.

She floats like an angel

through the glitching mesh of our minds

and the corrupted textures of the subconscious

data flows undisturbed, around the golden strands of her hair

like a ghost, a phantom, a parasite, incorporeal, without collision.

She smiles at me, but my marble lips won't smile back.

she's an error, a mistake, a nuisance

she doesn't belong here

She finally spoke, her voice barely louder than the backround static a whisper.

she is an error

a glitch, a bug

an intruder, an invader

a defective, noxious piece of code

such imperfections must be eradicated

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