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I am the coolest person on this website don't @ me (I don't think you can @ me anyway..)

Hi, I'm 1000dumplings!

I'm an admin and respected author here on the Backrooms wiki. I'm also on Staff at the Discord. If you need any help with writing, tone, or concepts, give me a shout! I'll do what I can to help~

My Best Entries

Um… I've written a lot. Probably too much. So these are my best entries, the rest are under a collapsible.


The Followers of Jerry


Level 389 - "The Gaming Hall"
Level 998 - "Zenith"
Level Fun - "=)"


Entity 42 - "Memory Worm"
Entity 67 - "The Partygoers =)"
Entity 99 - "The Game Master of Level 389"
Entity 177 - "Skin-Givers"


M.E.G.: First Encounter - Entity 99
Object 100 - ⚠️ ACCESS DENIED⚠️
Entity 7 - "Jerry"
Level 999 - "Island Of The Void" (Original by Fandom user Jacobhunter005)

About me

My name is Rachael, but I also go by Ray. I'm a 17 year old trans girl from California. My hobbies include writing (I'm working on a full-length novel!), Youtube, cooking, and activism. My favorite games include Fallout: New Vegas, Undertale, Yume Nikki, and Mortal Kombat 11. I'm an admin here on the wiki, captain of the writing team, and a respected author. I also help with critique, tone, and lore. Feel free to message or @ me in the Discord server. Seeya~!

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