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Object 92 — "ClipSkips!"

"These shoes? Oh boy, they redefine the very essence of FUN! You won't believe it, but in the spine-tingling depths of The Backrooms, they made me forget I was even trapped there!"

Phenomenon 1-FR — "Noclipping"

"If you accidentally noclipped to another level, don't panic and remember the CLIPP protocol, which acronym contains, in order, the five most important steps for staying safe, even when disoriented."
phenomene 1-FR

Translated by Praetor3005, Greencell and Stixiiee

Entity 19 — "The Disease"

"It is advised to seek immediate treatment for any injuries in sustained warm and damp levels, even if no symptoms seem to be present. The disease cannot be cured at later stages."

Level 950 — "The Fictitium Void"

"There's nothing else in the Fictitium Void.

It's just you."

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